Do you love G-body cars? writing about them? taking photos of them? getting dirty? shooting video of them?  Then G-Body Magazine needs your help!  You may have noticed its been quiet (really quiet) lately.  That’s my fault.  I’ve dropped the ball with respect to the site, and for that I apologize to the G-Body faithful everywhere.

I’m looking for a few people who are really into G-Bodies and want to make something worth reading.

If you can (and will commit to) produce well-written, well-shot, G-body-related content on a regular basis, then I want to hear from you.  While I always like to see reader’s cars….. a few out-of-focus snapshots and “here’s my car” isn’t going to make for good content.

What’s it pay? Well, there’s the catch. There’s no money yet, so yeah, that’s a problem.  A chicken-and-egg scenario.  But hey, I’m open to discussion on the matter.  If you’re serious, you’ll get in touch with me.  I’m sure we can work something out.

e-mail me with your ideas and proposals and stuff.  [email protected]

I’m serious.  Let’s do this.


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