State of the Nation 2018 Edition

State of the Nation 2018

So this is the part where I yet again apologize to you, the readers, about the dismal lack of updates and content on this website.  There’s no excuse, and starting immediately, this changes.

Expect updates.  Maybe not every day, but there will be updates.  I mean, with 3 THREE 3 project cars you’d think some progress would have been made, yeah?

Well it has.  The Grey Car is moving under its own power again, Betty Rumble is hanging out getting minor tweaks and fixes here and there and Dino (did I introduce Dino yet? I can’t remember!) is up on stands while I try to learn how to do minor body work and paint prep.  It’s going slowly but its going.  You’ll learn about it all soon enough.

There’s also a couple of events I’m looking at covering, new products hitting the market, and well, I want to hear from you guys.  What do I need to do here to make this website awesome.  Besides just actually doing things.  You might see a few new posts show up that get back-dated.  Just trying to play catch-up and letting you guys know about it.

Chime in, and welcome to G-Body Nation in 2018.  Oh and don’t forget to join in the discussion over at


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