Tech Tuesday: G-Body Blazer Brake Upgrade

G-Body Blazer Brake Upgrade
G-Body Blazer Brake Upgrade

The upgrade from your meh g-body spindles to 98-05 2WD spindles, with the sealed bearings, AND dual caliper brakes is a pretty common one. I intend to do this myself on old Betty Rumble at some point.

Here’s a link to the “98-05 Blazer Brake Upgrade” thread at GBodyForum

In it you’ll find all the information you’ll need to get this job done, along with plenty of photos, and real world advice from other forum members who have done the swap.

The benefits of this swap are two-fold. One, you swap out the bearings for a more modern “sealed bearing” type, which can be changed much easier, and two…

More stopping power.

So go check it out, and here are some more GBF threads on blazer brakes to get you started.

Good luck!


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