UMI Performance Bolt-on Rear Lift Bars


UMI Performance, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of our new GM G-Body bolt on lift bar set. This trailing arm and bracket system relocates the rear lower arm pickup point for improved drag launch capability. The boxed trailing arm features offset sway bar holes to allow for a level factory bar even at the lowered position. The jig-built bolt-on brackets fit factory 7.5 and GN 8.5 rear axle housings and provide 3 position instant center adjustment. All UMI products are built from US Steel and are available in black and red powder coat. Hardware included. The 3022 is manufactured, tested and raced out of Philipsburg, PA – USA.


Bolt-on Rear Lift Bars for 1978-1988 GM G-body
P/N 3022
Priced at $379.99 each

If you would like more information regarding this product or other UMI Performance products please visit or email [email protected], by telephone at 814-343-6315 or fax at 814-343-6318


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