State of GBodyNation – 2020 Edition

State of GBodyNation 2020
State of GBodyNation 2020

Ugh. 2020. Just, stop already.

So I shut down the site a couple of months ago, because I realized yet again that I’ve failed the G-Body community with this project. Again.

2020 being what it is, all the events I was slated to go to were cancelled. Shoot all the local car shows were basically canceled. It’s been a terrible year for lots of different reasons, I don’t think I need to spell any of that out for you.

But going forward, I’m pledging that there WILL be new content on this site from now on. I will be featuring build threads and regular “roundups” from GBodyForum, Oldspower, and MalibuRacing… Along with whatever G-Body stuff I can find on the web: Videos, articles, new products, etc.

Plus hopefully I can get my own trio of G-bodies featured more prominently on the site. This year being what it is, I’ve had to make some alterations to my businesses and my processes to try and pick up the slack that started back in March. I know you all can relate.

So, with that in mind, I’m once again asking for your input, and your submissions, either using the Submit Content form if you have a good write up or want to share your ride (but please read the info on that page!) or the Q&A submission form if you have a pressing G-Body question you’d like answered. Just don’t ask me where to find parts, k?

So for the rest of this year and into 2021, hang on to your potato because we’re going for a ride.

-Chris aka GP403, [email protected]


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