Tech Tuesday: G-Body Manual Transmission Information

Hey guys and gals, this is the first in a (hopefully) weekly segment I’m gonna call “Tech Tuesday” where I find a really helpful technical thread, how-to, or otherwise useful set of information from

This week, its all the info you’ll probably ever need to put pretty much any kind of manual transmission into your G-Body. We know that some G-Body cars came from the factory with 3-speed, 4-speed, and yes even 5-speed manuals… ONLY from ’78 to ’80, and possibly into ’81. After that it was automatics ONLY.

Here’s the link straight away:

You’ll find lists of parts, with part numbers. Lots of images, (Although some have gone missing over time!) and lots of other data, install tips, and comments from other G-Body stick owners.

Be aware that the initial thread is quite old, and some of the info, prices, links, and other info is quite possibly out of date.

I've been in a G-Body in one way or another since they were new. I got my own '79 Cutlass in 1990, and have been a fanatic ever since. In 2005 I started GBodyForum, and now GBodyNation.

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