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Unwind After the Race – 1986 Monte Carlo SS

In 1986 the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS was the top of the Chevy G-Body pack.  The strong connection to NASCAR (you remember, when it...

Ghost Flames – 1987 Monte Carlo SS

When Robert Rice of Tupelo MS saw this '87 Monte Carlo SS at his chassis shop, he knew he needed another project, his fourth...

Chevy Malibu Road Trip

HotRod is getting on board the G-Body train, baby! Check out this first part of what looks like a series where they're taking a...

World’s Fastest ‘Bu

Keeeeripes, man.  What a beast. 548 cubic inches and those ludicrous twin turbos.... Is this the World's Fastest Chevy Malibu? Running under 4.20 at over...

Sleeper Malibu

Dragzine.com shows us Joshua Chavarria's understated turbocharged Malibu.  Have to love true sleepers like this one. The G-Body journey began for Chavarria with the help...

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