True Survivor: 1983 Grand Prix LJ

T-tops FTW
I think its a good angle
I think its a good angle

Bill LeBlanc’s 1983 Grand Prix LJ is a shining example of a true survivor.  Built in Canada, raised in Wisconsin and now living in the Chicago suburbs, this light brown Pontiac managed to fend off the usual salt-induced rot for 32 years now.   The original Light Briar Brown paint has been refreshed, and a little rust repair done, but by and large, this car is a one of a kind original.

The stance has been lowered 1.5″ with a set of Eibach lowering springs.  A set of Year One’s 17″ Rally II clones with 245/45R17’s round out the shoes.

Original 305 Chevrolet
Original 305 Chevrolet

Under the hood, the original Chevrolet 305 small block is still in there, looking like it just rolled off the factory floor after 90,000 miles, but breathing a bit better due to some long tube headers and a true dual exhaust.

Inside, beneath the factory T-Tops, a floor shifter and console sits between the rare brown PMD bucket seats and matching rear seat.

Bill’s Grand Prix was the May 2015 G-Body of the month on

Quick trivia: 1983 was the only year of the G-Body Grand Prix that did not have the chrome trim running down the center of the hood….


  1. I had this in Marroon at 15 yrs old in 1990 . Same everthing till someone stole it for the rims . Is this for sale . ?

  2. I love G Body cars!! I kick myself in the ass all the time when I think of how many I bought for $500 & less. The one that really gets me is the ’74 Cutlass I paid $300 for from an old lady about 1994-95. You can’t even touch that car for 10X that today. I need to get my hands on some 70s-80s rear wheel drive 2 door GM cars before they’re going for 50s-60s prices!!

  3. I had this exact car when I was in my 20’s. I mean identical in every way, color, interior, shifter, everything. I miss her so much. Some woman turned left on red light and I t-boned her. Totalled. So much fun to ride in with the tops down and the music up. This was the first result when I searched ’83 Grand Prix with T-Tops.

    Yours is gorgeous.


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