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Love G-Body cars? Want to share your ride with the world? Show everyone how to do awesome stuff with and to their car like you did yours?  Been or going to an awesome event with lots of G-Body cars?  We want you to write for us!


We’re starting a new website, all about YOUR G-body cars.  Think Bangshift or HotRod, but ONLY G-BODIES!!  Yeah, best day on the internet, ever.  The idea is to have a new destination full of photos, how-to, event coverage, new products, and a lot more.  And YOUR cars.

If you don’t hear back right away, don’t take it personally.  We may not reply at all (many apologies in advance!) or it may be much later when we finally get around to fitting it in, or whatever.  If we use your content, you’ll be given full credit for it.  Shoot, if we use enough of your stuff we’ll give you an author page and everything! Don’t sweat the exact details, if we get back to you, we’ll sort it all out.

Here’s the thing: We need good stuff.  A few badly-framed, out-of-focus snapshots of your dusty car with the bumper cut off and your trash cans in the background, along with “HERES MY CAR” isn’t going to make the cut.  Take some time and set up some good shots, think about the background and setting, give her a wash and wax before hand.  Be as detailed as possible, list everything you can think of about your car.  Shoot the photos with some space around the car (don’t get the bumpers cut off in the frame!!) The story of how you got it, funny things that have happened to or in or with it, what all modifications (in detail) you’ve made to it.  What you like about it, what you don’t like about it….  Anything and everything you can think of….

If you’re going to a major car show or event, contact us about taking photos and covering it from the G-Body angle.  No, seriously.  I’m serious.

Together we can make GBodyNation a real thing, and a real success.  Just like on GBodyForum and MalibuRacing its about you guys, and your cars.  Without you and your rides, there’s not a lot to say!  E-mail me if you have questions or proposals you don’t want to put here….

— Chris, aka GP403 from GBodyForum

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