The Cutty and Baron’s New Ride

Hot Rod Magazine lets us have a sneak peak at OKC Street Outlaws (in?)famous Olds Cutlasses, “The Cutty” with its turbo 6.0L LS, and the new ride, an ’84 with its NA 572 Powerplant. (see above….)

We admit it, we love G-bodies here at CC, and these are prime examples of the potential hiding within GM’s midsize platform from the 1980s. John Andrade Jr. appeared on the show with a small-block and nitrous, and marched his way up the list until a crash sidelined him until he could get his car back together. Well, here it is in these exclusive pictures.


I've been in a G-Body in one way or another since they were new. I got my own '79 Cutlass in 1990, and have been a fanatic ever since. In 2005 I started GBodyForum, and now GBodyNation.

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