2015 Fall Street Machine Nationals Springfield MO


I had the pleasure of getting myself up to Springfield, MO this weekend for the O’Reilly Auto Parts Fall Street Machine Nationals held at the Ozark Empire fairgrounds.

Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting several G-Body owners and checking out their rides, but it was great to see so many auto enthusiasts just out having a good time.

From the time we arrived in town, until we left, the sounds of RPMS, downshifts, and loud lumpy cams idling never stopped.  So many cars.

The community really gets into this, too, lining the curbs of old route 66 to check out the cruising action.

Here’s a gallery of the G-Body cars I saw at the show Saturday.  If I didn’t see you, I apologize.  There were so many cars there its quite possible I missed ya!  I spotted many more just driving around, but its hard to shoot photos and navigate traffic at the same time!

Been to a great car show with lots of G-Bodies?  Send us your photos and write-up via our Submit Contact page!  We need your help to make this site awesome, and eventually get to print on real paper!


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