Welcome to GBodyMagazine!

OK, so what the heck is this?  Well, its a magazine, its a website, hell, who knows what it will wind up being.  Call it a grand experiment to see if we 1978-1988 G-Body lovers can sustain an epic project like this.

Welcome to GBodyMagazine

The idea is to have a magazine, well, eventually have a magazine.  To start we’re doing this awesome website.  Once we get the ball rolling with some articles and photos and videos(!) then the plan is to start rolling out the Magazine in a digital format.  When we take over the world digitally, then its on to the newsstand and mailboxes of the world.

So, if you love G-Body cars, stay tuned.  If you’d like to contribute your G-Body knowledge, in any way possible, feel free to visit our “submit your content and ideas” page and throw your ideas at us.  I’m serious, anything from just a photo and description of your car, to a detailed multi-part series, full photo spreads, whatever, lets get this thing rolling, man.

And yeah, I realize that “G-Spot” is probably pretty lame, but I had to come up with something to call the “editor’s note” portion of the magazine, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Oh, and be sure to head on over to GBodyForum.com, where all us cool G-Body kids hang out.

Chris Ripp, Chief Editor, GBodyMagazine

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I've been in a G-Body in one way or another since they were new. I got my own '79 Cutlass in 1990, and have been a fanatic ever since. In 2005 I started GBodyForum, and now GBodyNation.

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  1. i really like g bodies. i have a 85 monte w/ 350, vortec heads,headers. runs great. also have all original 84 grand prix. paint weak but orig. 305 and thm350. updates next year. also 78 elky project. and many more. also 95 imp ss, 92 camaro rs, 78 omega sx hatchback bucket seat and console . original except for 4.3 v6 q jet from s10. 72 monte bucket seat w/ console and lt1/4l60e combo. plus 67 gmc longbed, 68 c10 short/wide, 65 c10 short/wide. glad to come onboard. jerry MGYSGT USMC ret 74 yrs young.

  2. I have a 1978 malibu custom project pro touring/G-Machine and my mom’s one owner 85 Monte Carlo beautiful original car, also I’m about to acquire an 87 Monte Carlo SS t-top car, love them G-body for life.

  3. I have an ’81 Monte Carlo (Lowrider) and I am apart of a car club that is comprised of only G Bodies! (West Texas G Bodyz Car Club located in Lubbock, Texas) The G Body love is definitely strong in these parts!

  4. I think this is an awesome idea, I have a 1979 Grand Lemans not to many around.extremely hard to find parts for but I love it. It has a70 455 bored 30 over th400 behind it with 3:73’s. geos pretty good

  5. Man, have i been wanting this forever. A bodies get all the attention in magazines and aftermarket, but for me, the G body is a darling, and i dearly love my 79 Elky, that has been a project car for six years, and i still have not gotten to the body work. Motor, trans, posi, delphi steering gear and Detroit speed underneath make it special. To me anyway.. Someday i will be finished with the car, and i believe that will be the best day and the worst day of my car life.
    Good luck with everything, i will stay tuned…

  6. Ground up restriction going on on my 85 g body ss cant wait until it’s done in about 3 months. And I am doing it all myself.


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