Tech Tuesday: Oldsmobile SSIII Wheel Restoration

Oldsmobile SSIII Wheel Restoration
Oldsmobile SSIII Wheel Restoration

Got a Hurst/Olds or an otherwise Cherry 442 or Cutlass, but your SSIII wheels just aren’t up to snuff?

Here’s a guide on repainting them back to like-new status.

“This is my first thread [edit: other than the intro] on Gbody and thought I share my process for restoring so to speak a set of Olds SSIIIs 14″ I got off Craigslist……for $75!!!!! So here’s the pic of them with one partially taped because I thought to do the thread after I started. Here’s one of the back side of one of the rims. All of them looked like this. Here is a close up of the partially taped wheel.”


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